8 Fruit Machines That UK Casinos Online Are Missing (Part 1)

8 Of The Best Ideas Imagine if actual video slot fans put pen to paper and brain stormed a series of fruit machines that could one day revolutionise the uk online casino industry. Well, Team Covert Casino not only considered this idea but went ahead and played software developer stroke spinner in forging ten of the best ideas that might one day have their moment. Pay attention investors, these are the players talking.

Game of Thrones

It is one of the most original and successful television productions ever, taking epic fantasy mainstream and consuming more fans than the Roman Empire did acres of land. HBO’s critically acclaimed couch potato producer based on the books by George R. R. Martin would make an incredible 5 reel casino game for the modern slots market.

The design would include the different kingdoms as reels with both enemies and allies making up the symbols that spin into place. There’s no points for guessing that lining up the allies would increase possible fortunes whilst conflicts would dismantle the possibilities of any bonuses for that betting round. Features would include choosing dragon eggs for cash, a 50/50 chance head chop for Lord Stark and going north of wall to collect free spins, watch out for white walkers though. Expect lovely ladies and lots of violence if this one hits your favourite site.

The Expendables

The steroid based revival of the 1980′s action man was clever in bringing back some old favorites to the big screen, but how could Stallone and friends serve up the mayhem online.

First off the game would have to be explosive, i mean seriously, there is more testosterone here than Africa’s great migration of the Wildibeest. Symbols for this one might include bombs, grenades, rockets, knives, guns, missiles, cannons and even steroids. In the bonus possibilities then we’re talking serious alpha male showdowns, lets say Jason Statham takes on Van Damme for money with every vicious elbow netting you free spins in the collection pot.

The backdrop would almost certainly feature a warehouse of some description, endless fires and 53 year old skin complections amongst others. Another idea was to have a multiplier based on weapon potential, for example an RPG would fire your credits just once but a mini gun would pay off considerably. One other cool aspect would be the jackpot, only we came up with the word ransom instead. So the main coin payout would evolve around some kind of hostage situation, that if successful pays of big time. The expendables might be getting on but they’re still taking care of business, the slots business?, possibly so and hopefully so.

Top Gear

In our petrol heads attempt at constructing the perfect online fruit machine simulator, it was top gear winning hands down for the idea on this one. We concluded that regardless of how we went about brain storming this one, we’d stick with three reels devoted to Jeremy, James and Richard from the word go. Now whether you like cars or not, top gear is the worlds most watched factual television programme and would make a game admired by millions, making some hefty jackpots along the way.

With this one expect full throttle and power as the game would employ speed as its main attraction. As we’ve already said 3 reels for this one with each presenter having their own column within the game. The slot would have multiple levels and would start with older and more slower vehicles until the player had earned points through lap times. That’s another thing, each spin would be a lap of the famous track. When the game reaches «top gear», we’re essentially driving super cars at this point and all features are red hot.

Additional bonus games could include the stig helmet selection, something involving a flying and burning caravan and the fastest celebrity lap time. Either way top gear would be top slot in no time.


If you’re old enough to play casino to win jackpots potentially worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, then at some point in your life the color brick meant more to you than money. Most of us grew up avoiding the temptation to swallow lego bricks whilst trying to build the eighth wonder of the world out of plastic. Now it’s true that you can build anything out of lego, but an online slot?

Graphics and color are the key for lego’s successful integration into the casino world. We figured five reels and interactive falling bricks during every spin, these bricks are then built up in the side frame. The player at this point chooses to build or spin again, the amount of bricks in the side frame would then build a structure and with it would come a bonus. If however they built it with the wrong amount of bricks, then the feature would end as the building collapsed.

Lego is also pretty cool when it comes to its characters, all similar yet very different and completely interchangeable. This would be another plus point for the slot machine. Symbols would be lego men and various features would shift heads, wigs, outfits and props to align winning scenarios. The coin jackpots would also be replaced by bricks, the bigger the build then the bigger the jackpot.