8 Fruit Machines That UK Casinos Online Are Missing (Part 2)

Man Vs Food Slot

Adam Richman’s search for the American heart attack is one of the most popular food show’s in the world and the travel shows most watched series. But how could eating a portion of food the size of Texas become an adult gaming sensation. One thing’s for sure, we’d be starving whilst spinning.

The restaurant backdrop for this one goes without saying, possibly an all you can eat diner would really set the tone. Symbols would be then catergorised into drinks, main meals and deserts with the likes of soda and burgers making up the symbology. The game then plays as if you yourself are taking the challenge, the more you spin then the more the visual image of the meal in the corner disappears. The completion of this meal would result in some kind of cash bonus too.

We’ve even thought about taking extras too along with your main portion, these of course will be multipliers and they’ll kick in if you still look hungry. With the planning going well for this one, there was only free spins left to consider. It was agreed that the background for this game would encompass a plate and some cutlery along with salt and pepper. Salt would be free spins and pepper would take them away. Of course this presented another problem because salt is not good for overweight people eating junk food. Can’t win em all.

The Social Spinner

Getting the licensing rights for a fruit machine that incorporated multiple social networks would be near impossible, but the idea itself is not too far fetched. The sheer scale of such a project is unimaginable yes, but who knows what the likes of facebook and twitter have up their sleeves with regards to social gambling.

Whilst complicated and years away from development, we should underestimate the power of social and same time gambling. It is possible that one day players who are fellow tweeters or face bookers to be playing the same game at the same time as their best friend, with everyone else knowing about it.

Symbols would include some F’s some T’s, a few likes some retweets and an updated status to say you’ve won or lost. All in real time of course. Social media is becoming the forefront of casino gambling and soon you’ll be requesting someone to join you there. Can you imagine what the payouts for this type of game could be, especially when millions are trying to play it.

Roulette Slot Machine

As major fans of the betting shop simulated classic, we were bound to mention a possible hybrid of combining two of the internets best practiced casino games. What if splitting the positions of a roulette wheel into segments and then splitting those segments within columns of a slot machine. Either way, it was well worth discussing.

The original make up of this idea would begin with graphics and a potent red and black mix for the backdrop. A roulette wheel would also feature in the background and upon every spin of the video slot, the wheel would then turn and the ball would run its course. The position of the landing weight would activate a certain reel, only in this game it would join the previous number. So after five spins you would have five joined numbers and a relevant cash bonus to go with it. So in roulette tradition what comes next is double or nothing additional game.

Other features would include the green zero climbing wall and the back spin bonus. This would require using the players memory in letting them gamble on the next position for the winnings of a number three spins away in the past. Interesting, but we love roulette machines and could go on all day about them.

Reality Reels

The girls on the team get their go too and they’ve chosen the possibility of franchising some of the worlds most watched couples, families, celebrities and other ex famous people who need to pay the bills on that mansion some how. Yes, it’s reality television and despite all it’s down falls and copy cat commercialisation, there are still millions of people who find the time to watch another person shopping for clothes and having arguments with their boyfriend. But could it make a worthwhile slots concept.

To be honest we’re not really sure, we do however know that the majority of winners will be woman. Oh and don’t complain if you lose, it’s always your fault remember.