Fruit Machine Tips

Fruit machines – When is the best time to win on one?

You are no doubt reading this article because you have an interest within fruit machines, or more importantly, an interest within the jackpot.
So when playing on a fruit system, when is the best time to throw your coins inside and therefore improving your chances to win on them.
Finding the best time to play comes down to a few key points.

First thing to look out for during play

The location of the fruit machine, are you in a betting shop, a nightclub or a pub, are you in an arcade or at a casino where there are many different fruit games to play.

This is very important, because in nightclubs people are often drunk and too busy looking for someone to close their night with, than concentrating on winning the jackpot. This is good, nightclubs are good. A pub is also a good place to hit a machine, in a betting shop however, you’ll need to be watching out for sharks, local gamblers who know the machines and watch them, watch you, so be careful.

Arcades and casinos can be difficult, as the large choice of fruit gaming systems make it extremely hard to find a machine due for the jackpot drop. This is down to the large scale of gamblers frequenting the venue, so if you are going to play here, choose a few machines to watch and watch them like a hawk.

Second thing to look out for on a hot fruit machine

Now that you have chosen a location to do your business and by this i mean beating slot machines for the jackpot. There is something else that must be considered before we can attempt to win on one.

How many people are in the betting shop, in that casino or standing around in the pub. The reason we question this is because population is a dead giveaway. For instance, if you have a place full of people and yet no one is using the machines, it can be indication that the system is collecting, or that someone has taken the winning jackpot a few moments earlier.

On the other hand, if a place is empty, then how can you possibly know the condition of the fruit machine. You should be looking for a situation with medium amounts of people, perhaps half full, or even full but in a way in which people are gambling on the games. As these people are filling them up, feeding them so that later they can be sick.

Third thing to look out for whilst playing fruit machines

Sharks win on slots far more times than normal players do! Sharks are very clever and well experienced players of these fruit machine games and will do all in their power to advantage of dropping jackpots at the expense of other people. To beat the sharks, you must become a bigger fish but don’t worry, in time you will.

Sharks can operate alone or in pairs, if you see someone playing two bandits at once, stay away and remember to look over your shoulder when ou are playing games. You just don’t know if you yourself are being used to fill the system up towards its jackpot point, a situation they will win. Avoid taking advice from so called friendly imposters keeping close to you or trying to guide your game, at the same point avoid teaming up with a stranger who will no doubt be plugging you.

Another tip to spot a shark is by watching a player who goes to the machine in between people and only puts a few credits in, they are no doubt looking for winning opportunities at different points by checking the bandit.

Don’t forget also, you can use the sharking tips above too, they are cool and clever but be descrete, if you can’t beat your enemies join them. This will all improve your play on fruit bandits and the chances to win on one.