What happens if a pokie hangs up or “glitches” while you are playing?

Online CasinoFrom time to time various problems can occur with pokies. Usually these are problems with your internet connection. But sometimes there are problems with the software itself. Let’s understand what happens in one case or another. Problems with the connection It happens that the screen pokie freezes or reels spinning endlessly. There is nothing wrong with this. This happens because your computer and the casino server has lost the connection. Once you run the reels, they will spin up in any case, despite the loss of connection. On the server, the game will continue, and the results will be recorded. In the best Australian online casino it goes like this. And when you return to the game, you will see on the balance how it all ended or go to the history. Sometimes disconnection happens during the bonus round, when the punter needs to choose one of several items or press any button. In such a case, after reloading the page, the moment you stopped should appear on the screen. Many freespins are triggered automatically and scroll all the way to the end without the punter’s intervention. You can check this by using Wildblaster Casino login.

Then, if you have a frozen picture on the screen, the developer’s server will play the bonus round until the end. If the game won’t load, here are some tips from ArgoCasino.  What if I accidentally close the pokie page? If you start the reels, but close the page by mistake before the reels stop, it’s no problem. The principle is the same. The reels will finish spinning, you just won’t see it. And if you win, the winnings will be credited to your balance. When you reload the pokie, you will see the results. Despite the fact that the developers are trying to avoid any errors in the creation of games and test them before you run, this still happens. For example, pokies may display the wrong characters. The server generates one symbol, but the screen shows another. On this topic Earnings in casinos. What are the real ways? The error can go both ways. Either the punter thinks he has won and is outraged that the pokie did not accrue money to him. 

Or the screen does not show a winning combination, and the pokie credits the balance. It is believed that such problems are very rare and are usually typical for downloadable casinos. Errors in the programming of pokies also happen. For example, it constantly gives out the wrong winnings. This happened with pokies Orc v’s Elf from Real Time Gaming. The problem was discussed on the Casinomeister forum in December 2013, right after the pokie was launched.  Players were getting information about winnings, but were only getting some of that money or nothing at all. After the problem became known, the pokie was removed from the casino for a while and the error was corrected. Casinos are NOT obliged to pay out winnings that occurred by mistake Occasionally mistakes happen. The casino cannot prevent this from happening, as the games are not created by them. The operators protect themselves against claims concerning the payment of erroneous winnings. This is stated in the casino’s terms and conditions. I think every casino warns in their rules that they will not pay out money won due to game error. Below is an excerpt from JoyCasino’s rules.  

There have been high-profile cases where punters at land-based casinos have won millions by mistake. Some even sued the casino. But it is useless. Operators can not be held responsible for mistakes of developers. Therefore, to be indignant in such cases is not worth it. Another thing is that it turns out that dishonest developers can refuse to pay, hiding behind the error of the pokie. This was the case with Sheriff Gaming, which went bankrupt several years ago due to the court proceedings that revealed many illegal machinations of the owners of this developer.